Gon (ゴン?) are a brand of enemies that appear exclusively in the Tails' Skypatrol video-game available for the Sega Game Gear.


Gons are light-brown/orange, dinosaur-like robots. They have a black and white screw where their jaw is located.


Gon are vicious chomping bots that will leap at the player and try to latch on his Ring Boomerang. If the robots are successful at latching on, they will be stuck on the ring and hinder Tails' flight speed.


  • This is one of the two enemies in Tails' Skypatrol that cannot be destroyed. The other is Captureberry.
  • These robots are similar to the Mega Chopper Badniks from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, to where as both of the robots will latch on the player.
  • Despite the reputation Tails' Skypatrol has received, Sonic Tweet had made cards with character sprites from Tails' Skypatrol. Gon was on one of the cards.