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Gofaball Profile

Sonic and Knuckles playing Gopher Ball.

Gopher Ball is an activity that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a game played on Seaside Island.


Gofaball Hole

The hole for Gopher Ball.

Gopher Ball is very similar to golf and includes the same equipment, such as golf clubs, golf balls and golf tees, and holes with flags. For the game, at least two players can compete against one another.[1]

The objective of the game is to play a golf ball with a golf club from the teeing ground into the hole in a single stroke. It is allowed to hit the golfball with the club in both midair and on the ground. Accomplishing this feat will earn the player one point. If the player is unable to make it to the hole, they will have to start over again.[1]


TV series

Season one

As the latest in a series of competitions, Sonic and Knuckles played a game of Gopher Ball against one another which Sonic won. Knuckles, blaming his loss on bad luck, thus began tipping the luck balance of the universe in his favor by harming himself until Sonic gave him a rematch in Gopher Ball which was ruined when Dr. Eggman passed by and blocked Knuckles' shot.[1]


  • According to Sonic, factoring in bird migration for a stroke is a basic rule of Gopher Ball.
  • In the Russian dub of Sonic Boom, Gopher Ball is called "golf".


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