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Graffiti City

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Graffiti City is a track that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, representing the Jet Set Radio series with Beat and Gum.


Unlike the previous game, this Jet Set Radio level is the Benten-cho area of Tokyo-To, as the track appears to go through all zones of the city, with the starting line in Shibuya, and goes through the under construction sections of Kogane (Rokkaku Hill) and the highway sections of Benten (Highway Zero). It has been said in interviews that the track takes place during a fight against the Rudies and Police, with the army eventually showing up. Before these events happen, Professor K sends a radio transmission warning of these events.[1]

Judging from screenshots, the race takes place on a highway with some tight turns. The track transforms when a section of road is destroyed by a helicopter, making the race shift to places to move on.[2] The flying zone is through the city and seen in a screenshot, a area that looks like Chuo Street. Cameos from Rhyth, Yo-Yo, Cube and DJ Professor K appear in this stage.


  • With the race taking place at sunset, it suggests that the race is taking place in Benton-Cho, the city of sunset as said in Jet Set Radio.
  • Professor K cameos in radio transmissions, which can be heard at the start of each lap.




Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Music Graffiti City - That's Enough Everybody Jump Around05:37

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Music Graffiti City - That's Enough Everybody Jump Around

The music played here is a slight remix of That's Enough, which transitions into Everybody Jump Around.


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