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Grand Chief Whip from Sonic the Comic #120. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colour by Nigel Dobbyn.

Grand Chief Whip is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a pompous, white rooster and the leader of D.R.A.T. He refers to Doctor Robotnik as "The Master" and frequently uses expressions such as "By the great moustache!"


Grand Chief Whip typically wears white robes with purple trim over pinstripe suit trousers and a green waistcoat. He also wears the Golden Nose, a gold medallion in the shape of Robotnik's nose and moustache, as his badge of office.


Grand Chief Whip was first seen officiating at the induction ceremony of Brother Norman beneath the ruins of Citadel Robotnik. When discovered by Amy Rose, Johnny Lightfoot and Tekno the Canary, he (along with other D.R.A.T. members) fired on them with ex-Trooper laser blasters, then escaped while Brother Norman attacked them in one of Robotnik's old vehicles.[1]

He later tried to kidnap Norris Wimple with three other D.R.A.T. members, believing that Norris had taken a photograph of one of Robotnik's new secret weapons. Norris was saved by Amy and Tekno, although it later transpired that the photograph was actually of Tails.[2]

On the following New Year's Day, he joined a D.R.A.T. member named Wally Dithers in a plot to destroy Sonic's Control Centre in the Emerald Hill Zone. Dithers used his "Centre for the Undecided" to convince the weak-willed and indecisive local residents to destroy Sonic, distracting the hedgehog while Dithers and the Grand Chief Whip tried to destroy the Control Centre in a tank. However, Sonic saw through the ruse and managed to destroy the tank when Dithers was unable to decide what weapon to use.[3]


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