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StH 217 Great Desert Dark Legion

The Great Desert Dark Egg Legion base, from Sonic the Hedgehog #217.

The Great Desert Dark Egg Legion was a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion that existed on Mobius prior to the Super Genesis Wave. It was led by Grandmaster Beauregard Rabbot, and its membership included Matilda the Armadillo. As a result of its location, it primarily fought with the Sand-Blasters and their allies in Sand Blast City.



The members of the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion were once Robians from around Mobius sent to attack Sand Blast City by Dr. Robotnik, and continued in that capacity under Dr. Eggman. However, they were amongst the many Robians restored to their organic form by the Bem, and took refuge for a time with the Sand-Blasters. However, the Sand-Blasters refused to trust their former attackers, and eventually drove the unfortunate refugees out. Under the leadership of Beauregard Rabbot, formerly of the Southern Baronies, the group appealed to Dr. Eggman for protection. As such, they underwent Legionization and became part of the Dark Egg Legion, and were charged with converting the Oil Ocean Refinery into a fueling station for the Death Egg Mark 2.

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