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The Echidna Empire at War with the Drakon Empire, from Sonic the Comic #180. Art by Richard Elson.

The Great War[1] is an event mentioned in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a war that took place 8,000 years ago between the Echidna Empire and the Drakon Empire.



When the galaxy-encompassing Drakon Empire invented chaos energy, a powerful but highly unstable energy source, the empire came to Mobius looking for vessels that could contain and control their invention. With the emeralds in the Echidna Empire's sacred mines proving to be ideal vessels, the Drakons took control of the mines and infused seven sacred emeralds with chaos energy, creating the Chaos Emeralds.[1] Several months after the Drakons' arrival though, Pochacamac, the leader of the Echidna Empire, stole the Chaos Emeralds from the Drakons, not only to reclaim their sacred emeralds, bit also to keep the Drakons from using the Emeralds to conquer the galaxy.[1][2]

Two days after the theft of the Chaos Emeralds,[2] Tikal, Pochacamac's daughter, brought Sonic the Hedgehog from the future to her time to aid her people against the Drakons, as Pochacamac had foreseen Sonic would be the champion of the future.[3][1] After Sonic helped take a Drakon prosecutor prisoner so Pochacamac could attempt peaceful negotiations (all while filling Sonic in on the details),[2][1] the Drakon Empire launched an attack on Megopolis City to take back the Chaos Emeralds. During the battle, an accident with the Chaos Emeralds caused the echidna's Drakon captive to be bathed in a chaos energy explosion that mutated him into Chaos.[1] While the echidnas used the explosion to drive the Drakons out of the city, Pochacamac was forced to sent Sonic back to the future before Chaos could kill him. Having contained Chaos as well, the Echidna Empire had won the battle. However, Tikal and Pochacamac knew the Great War had now begun.[4]

The war and aftermath

Virtually nothing is known about what transpired during the Great War. What is known is that the Drakon Empire left Mobius without the Chaos Emeralds. However, most of the echidnas, except for Knuckles the Echidna and Dr. Zachary, had all but disappeared after the war and nobody knows what happened to them, leaving the Echidna Empire to deteriorate into non-existence over the next thousands of years.[5][6] Meanwhile, six of the Chaos Emeralds (not including the Grey Emerald) would get divided into twelve Emeralds for the next several years; one set ended up on Mobius and became the focus of many power struggles, while the other set remained on the Floating Island where Knuckles, now struck with amnesia, would protect them and the island while waiting for his people to return.[7]

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