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The Greatest Role Model of All Time Award is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an award on Seaside Island which is handed out to heroes who have done a great deal of service.


Hero Rewards card

The Hero Rewards card.

The Greatest Role Model of All Time Award is a small trophy of a white disk with a golden frame and the image of an anthropomorphic animal adult and child emblazed on it. It stands on a small golden footing and have golden laurel wreaths on the sides. Supposedly, it is handed out to those who have saved Hedgehog Village a million times and have all the holes in their "Hero Rewards Card" punched out.[1]


TV series

Season one


Amy with the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award .

The Greatest Role Model of All Time Award was given to each member of Team Sonic after defeating Dr. Eggman enough times. While the team was honored to received the award, it also made the villagers conscious of how bad examples Team Sonic were, so Mayor Fink hired D.B. Platypus to advice them. This proved too much for Sticks and she forfeited her award by smashing it.[1]

Winners of the award


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