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Green Cave

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Green Cave is the fourth track in Sonic Riders, available only for Tails in story mode. Green Cave is also playable in the EX World Grand Prix. It follows Egg Factory and precedes Sand Ruins.


The semifinal race is about to begin.Sonic is practicing his tricks on a ramp in the jungle. Suddenly, Jet appears out of nowhere. After some verbal taunting, he leaves. Tails is still upset about what Wave said earlier, and blames himself that Sonic's gear isn't as good as Jet's. Sonic tries to comfort him, and Tails regains his confidence.


The stage is located in a deep jungle, filled with a few giant centipedes. The jungle is a little dim as the trees are covering the sky. At one part, the player bounces through spider webs, and can perform many tricks. The biggest spider web causes you to bounce high, way over the jungle, and then come back down again. There are 3 grinding rails for speed type, and 2 linking air rides for fly type. There are a few gates that can be blown away by power type that lead to a shortcut. There is a part close to the beginning where there are giant vines. There are numerous paths to take, all leading to the same place, but all are different lengths. The grinding rails for the speed characters in this course are small little vines.


  • It has a counterpart called White Cave, exclusive to the Babylon story.
  • Grapes can be seen in power type shortcuts; coincidentally, Knuckles' (a power type character) favorite food is grapes.





Sonic Riders "Green Cave White Cave" Music-002:27

Sonic Riders "Green Cave White Cave" Music-0

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