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Green Forest

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Green Forest is the fifth stage in the Hero Story of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is playable only by Sonic. This level is playable after defeating Shadow the Hedgehog. The Dark Story's version of this is a misty part of the island, called White Jungle. The music for this stage is "Won't Stop Just Go!", composed by Jun Senoue.


After Sonic the Hedgehog comes to a standstill fighting against Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow gets a call from Dr. Eggman, telling him the Prison Island is about to blow up. Upon hearing this, Sonic realizes that he needs to save Amy and Tails and get off the island. Shadow leaves, and Sonic has exactly eight minutes to escape.

Stage Layout

The stage is similar to Shadow's White Jungle in appearance as they both takes place in the jungle. The stage is occupied GUN robots like GUN Hunter, Spark, Gold Beetle and Rhino Spikes and there is as well hidden locations in the Jungle. The only difference that differentiate the stage is that near the end, platforms in jungle will fall and therefore the player must be careful.

Level Up Item

Ancient Light is located here.


Escape for the island in 8 minutes

Sonic must escape from Green Forest within eight minutes. This is plenty of time to accomplish the mission and Sonic can get the Ancient Light from here.

Collect 100 Rings

This 100 Ring mission is not too difficult as most of the rings are scattered in a straight line. Sonic must avoid the constant spawn of G.U.N. robots that tend to appear right on top of him.

Find the Lost Chao

In addition to the Mystic Melody of course, Sonic will also need the Bounce Bracelet from Pyramid Cave first in order to complete this mission. Right before the third checkpoint, Sonic must quickly jump onto a platform and jump off backwards to end up on a platform with the Ancient Shrine on it. Sonic can then play the Mystic Melody to make a platform appear. Sonic must then use the Bounce Bracelet to bounce himself onto the platforms carefully and Homing Attack some enemies to get to the platform with the lost Chao on it.

Reach the Goal Within 4 Minutes

This mission is pretty simple as Green Forest itself can be completed a little over three minutes. Sonic will also have time to collect points to earn an A rank.

Complete Hard Mode

Green Forest undergoes some changes that makes it a little tougher to complete. One is the long snakeruns are now lined with spike balls and the second is, near the end with the shifting land, the platforms sink must faster. Sonic will then need to jump higher over the spike balls and jump higher over the sinking platforms to make it through this level. The Bounce Bracelet will make this stage a little easier to complete.

Big the Cat sighting

Sonic2app 2017-02-12 21-39-24-844

Big the Cat in Green Forest.

After the second Point Marker and after riding a swinging Vine to the place with floating platforms, move to the other side where the third Point Marker is, and Spin Dash from the downhill back to reach a small floating platform above. Charge a Spin Dash and release the button to the left, to reach the platform where Big is fishing there.

Chao Container locations

  • At the beginning of the stage, the first Chao Container can be found in a secret room halfway down the long tunnel. This room is accessed by Somersaulting through the small gap to the right of the Rhino Spike.
  • After the second Point Marker, the second Chao Container can be found on a lower platform between the two larger platforms in that area.
  • After the third Point Marker, the third Chao Container can be found on the third platform with a Spring on the upward path.



  • Post-boss battle, in the scene that takes place in this level, where Sonic and Shadow are panting, if the player pays close attention, they are nearby the mid-section of Green Forest level layout.
  • The third Chao Box in this stage contains a Half-Fish, but only if the previous two Chao Boxes were opened before opening this box.



Name Artist Length Music Track
Won't Stop, Just Go! ...for Green Forest Jun Senoue 2:28
Wont stop just go!


Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 1 A Rank02:41

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 1 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 2 A Rank01:04

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 2 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 3 A Rank01:25

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 3 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 4 A Rank04:31

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 4 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 5 A Rank02:52

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Green Forest Mission 5 A Rank

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