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Green Hill Zone (グリーンヒル Gurīnhiru?, lit. "Green Hill") is the first Zone for Sonic Mania. This Zone is a re-imagination of Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive.



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Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna are all transported to Green Hill Zone by the Hard-Boiled Heavies in an attempt to stop them from using the Phantom Ruby the robots excavated on Angel Island. After racing through the Zone, they are eventually met by Dr. Eggman in his all new Death Egg Robot mech. They manage to defeat him but the evil doctor soon uses the Phantom Ruby to transport the trio to Chemical Plant Zone.



Act 1

The first Zone is identical to the first Act of the original Green Hill Zone until near what would have been the end. At that point, the Zone presents a couple of areas taken from Act 2 and then some new setups. Eventually, the player finds themselves inside a cave where a mini-boss battle begins.

Act 2

The second Zone is a completely new act, featuring mainly mountains in the background. There are Zip Lines and if one uses the Flame Shield on the Spike Logs, they will catch on fire.


Act 1

The boss of Green Hill Zone Act 1 is two mini Death Eggs linked by a chain. At first, the top one will swing the bottom around in a way reminiscent of the wrecking ball Dr. Eggman had in the original Green Hill Zone. After a while, both Death Eggs will rotate around at high speeds.

During this pattern, either one will heat up and become immune to damage. After dealing enough hits to them, the targetted machine will blow up. This causes the remaining one to bounce around until the player scores a final hit.

Act 2

The boss of Green Hill Zone Act 2 is the Death Egg Robot itself. When the boss fight begins, it will slam down into the ground, and then it starts chasing the player across the plains of Green Hill, occasionally launching out its claw to attack the player or launching bombs at the player. It takes eight hits to defeat, and it speeds up after the sixth hit. If the player takes too long to beat the boss, they will arrive at a cliff that ends with a bottomless pit.


  • The level layout of the first Zone is heavily reminiscent of the original first two Acts of the Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, differing with slightly different objects, Badnik placements, and alternative pathways.
  • The second Act's background is heavily inspired by the earliest takes on Green Hill Zone.
  • The area in which Sonic can find a Life Monitor around the start of Act 2 is similar in layout to the beginning of Act 3 from the original game.
  • The first boss bears similarities to the Egg Ball.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Green Hill Zone Act 1 Tee Lopes 2:27
Sonic Mania OST - Green Hill Zone Act 1
Green Hill Zone Act 2 Tee Lopes 3:06
Sonic Mania OST - Green Hill Zone Act 2


Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone Act 2 Raw Gameplay02:03

Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone Act 2 Raw Gameplay

SONIC MANIA Green Hill Zone, Act 2 Gameplay — Polygon @ E3 201706:07

SONIC MANIA Green Hill Zone, Act 2 Gameplay — Polygon @ E3 2017

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