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Grind Race 1

Outside the Pyramid.

Grind Race is one of the two "Level One" levels available in the two-player speed race mode in Sonic Adventure 2 (the other being Downtown Race). This level has some design similarities to Pyramid Cave on the inside.


Grind Race 2

Inside the Pyramid.

The level takes place in the desert, starting outside of a pyramid and works its way inside the pyramid. Due to it being a "Level One" stage, it sticks with one gimmick for the entire level (in this case almost the whole level takes place on Grind rails). At several points during the level, the player can jump down from a higher rail to a lower one to shave a few seconds off his/her time.



Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Soundtrack Grind Race Level02:20

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Soundtrack Grind Race Level

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