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Guard is a recurring technique in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When performing this technique, the user blocks incoming attacks.


When performing Guard, the user assumes a defensive stance and braces against incoming attacks. The form of the defensive stance depends on the user; some might use their arms for protection while others uses weaponry. Usually, Guard can only be performed while standing on the ground and cannot be done in mid-air.

In gameplay in general, if Guard is performed just before the playable character receives an attack, it can effectively negate the damage the player would otherwise receive. In a few cases though, there might be attacks Guard cannot block or situations where it will only minimize the damage.

Game appearances

Sonic the Fighters


Guard as depicted in instructions.

First appearing in Sonic the Fighters under the name Barrier, the combatants are able create shields to defend themselves in combat. These shields only defend their users from the front and can be destroyed with powerful attacks such as "Barrier Destroying Attacks". The fighters also have Shield Gauges which are limited to five barriers by default, but could be set in options.

Sonic Unleashed

PS3/Xbox 360

In the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed, both Sonic the Werehog and the Gaia Colossus can perform Guard. When performing Guard in this game, the user puts his forearms up in front of himself to brace against incoming attacks.

When Sonic the Werehog performs his version of Guard, he forms a blue Shield around himself. However, while Guard can effectively negate the damage from physical strikes, energy blasts and shock waves, it cannot block certain elemental attacks, such as the Fire Masters' fireballs or the Egg Fighter: Shields' electrical surges.

To perform Guard for Sonic the Werehog, the player has to hold down Playstation-Button-L1/Xbox-Button-LB. The duration of Guard is determined by the Shield Gauge; whenever Guard blocks an attack, the Shield Gauge is depleted, and if it runs out, Guard will no longer be effective. By holding down Playstation-Button-L1/Xbox-Button-LB and moving the left Control Stick at the same time, the player can use Guard while on the move. Also, by pressing PSXButton/XboxA whilst doing this will make Sonic perform an evasive manoeuver. Using Guard is also necessary to perform some of Sonic the Werehog's Special Attack Skills.

During the first phase of the boss battle with Dark Gaia, where the player is controlling the Gaia Colossus, the Gaia Colossus can perform Guard as well. However, while this version of Guard does not depend on a Shield Gauge, it only serves to minimize the damage from Dark Gaia's attacks. To perform the Gaia Colossus' Guard, the player has to hold down Playstation-Button-L1/Xbox-Button-LB. Additionally, the Gaia Colossus can also perform Guard while moving by holding down Playstation-Button-L1/Xbox-Button-LB and moving the left Control Stick at the same time.

Nightmare enemies are also capable of performing Guard as well.


In the PlayStation 2/Wii of Sonic Unleashed, only Sonic the Werehog can perform Guard. When performing Guard in this game, Sonic puts his forearms up in front of him while they glow light blue. When blocking an attack with Guard, a hexagon-shaped force field appear in front of Sonic. Unlike in the PS3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed where Guard depends on the Shield Gauge, Guard can here withstand an endless amount of attacks.

To perform Guard in gameplay, the player has to do the following actions:

PS2 Wii (remote) Wii (Classic Controller) Wii (GameCube Controller)
Hold down Playstation-Button-L1 Wii-Button-Z Wii-Classic-Button-L Hold down Gamecube Z Button

While performing Guard, the player can make Sonic dodge while guarding to take an evasive action.

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, Guard can be performed by all playable characters in the game, both in Adventure Mode and Battle Mode. When the user performs Guard in this game, they use their weapon to block the attack.

To perform Guard in gameplay, the player has to press and hold down the Z Button. The duration of Guard does not last forever though; if Guard is used continuously or repeatedly, it will eventually disengage. However, its duration in Adventure Mode can be increased with the Skills Aegis Guard, Aegis Guard+1 or Aegis Guard+2.


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