This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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Guardian Bot

Guardian Bot

Guardian Bot is a character that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. It was a gigantic robot built by Doctor Robotnik that was designed to protecting the dam Robotnik was building in southern Mobius.


Sonic attacked the Guardian Bot, luring it away from the dam so that Sonia, Manic, the Mountain Folk and Valley Folk could attack the dam. However, the others were prevented from destroying the dam by Sleet and Dingo, who arrived in a flying scorpion-shaped vehicle. Jerod delivered a message from Sonia to Sonic (following the trail of destruction left by the Guardian Bot) to bring the Bot back to the dam. The Bot returned to see Sleet and Dingo firing at Sonia and Manic, who were standing on the dam. Perceiving this as an attack on the dam itself, the Guardian Bot destroyed their vehicle and forced Sleet and Dingo to flee.[1]

The Guardian Bot was destroyed when Manic used a drum solo to crack the dam. Water rushed through, knocking the Guardian Bot over and short-circuiting it, causing it to destroy the dam in the process before shutting down.[1]

Powers and abilities

Due to its enormous size, the Guardian Bot was incredible strong physically, capable of stepping on trees with its clawed, talon-like feet. It was as well equipped with strong lasers on both shoulders that could obliterate rocks. It was also highly durable, being impervious to the gun in Sonic the Hedgehog's guitar medallion.[1]