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Guardian Tower

Guardian Tower

Guardian Tower is a location in the City of Portal in which Guardians train.


Mobius: 25 Years Later - Altered Timeline

Before the coup d'état, Guardian Tower was the location where Lara-Su began her Guardian training with Knuckles. During a session, Knuckles's old friend Miles "Tails" Prower came to talk with Knuckles about the time-altering situation. Then Knuckles told Lara-Su to leave. After that, Tails and Knuckles walked-and-talked about the memories of the old timeline, and how Tails was able to protect Mina and the kids from being erased. Tails then tried to reason with Knuckles about a plan to restore order by overthrowing Shadow, but Knuckles became agitated and asked Tails to leave or be placed under arrest. (StH: #166)

Notable People


Guardian Tower is literally a tall tower with training equipment for current and future Guardians to train with. (StH: #166)

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