Gun Drive (ガンドライブ Gan Doraibu?) is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) as one of his Custom Actions. This move causes Sonic to fly to the location where he throws a special gem. It can only be used when Sonic obtains the Sky Gem.


Using the Gun Drive requires that Sonic possesses the Sky Gem Level Up Item. The player then has to select the Sky Gem with the directional pad, and to use the Gun Drive, the player has to press Right Bumper/R1ps3.

When using this move, Sonic pulls out a cyan gem (similar in appearance to a Sol Emerald) and throws it a certain distance. Once this gem lands on the ground or any surface, Sonic will immediately be "teleported" to the gem's location by being pulled through the air at great speed, before landing safely on the location. The player can throw the gem longer distances by holding down the Right Bumper/R1ps3 to "charge up" the throw and can aim with the left Control Stick.

However, the Gun Drive has its limits. If the gem is thrown too far, Sonic will be unable to follow it or the reaction time will be delayed. Also, if Sonic runs into an obstacle he cannot pass through while flying through the air, the move will fail.

Silver throws Sonic in to space LOL -Sonic 06

Silver throws Sonic in to space LOL -Sonic 06

A video demonstrating the "space" glitch.

As the development and publication of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was rushed, the Gun Drive's use is rather flawed in comparison to the gameplay. For instance, the player can risk launching Sonic "outside" of the stage's area or boundaries, resulting in several game glitches. One of these is that if one were to try to break out of the barriers in the VS. Silver battle, and got caught by Silver's attack while in the air, Sonic would fly upwards and into "space."

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