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The Gun Hunter (ガンハンター Ganhantā?) is a robot deployed by the military organization Guardian Units of Nations and is a part of the Hunter Series. They appear as enemies in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rush and Sonic Generations.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure 2

The Gun Hunters first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as one of the game's more common enemies. They can be found in the following Stages:

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Sonic City Escape
Green Forest
Crazy Gadget
Tails Prison Lane Prison Lane
Mission Street
Shadow Radical Highway
White Jungle
Radical Highway
Rouge Dry Lagoon
Security Hall
Dr. Eggman Iron Gate
Weapons Bed

In the Stages, Gun Hunters either drop down from above or stay in a hunched position for then to get into attack position when the player is in range. They mostly remain in a stationary position from where they take aim at the player, but will in rare cases hover around the character. When the player leaves the area, the Gun Hunters return to their hunched position. They usually appear alone, but sometimes also in groups of two-to-three. When destroyed, the Gun Hunter award the player with 100 points.

Sonic2app 2015-09-03 12-50-48-040

The Gun Hunter's immobilizing shot.

In gameplay, Gun Hunters attack the player with their rifles. When attacking, they lock onto the character when within range and fire about every second. Their shots have a range of roughly 5-6 meters before they vanish. The Gun Hunters primary attack is a yellow arrow-shaped bullet that cause damage to the player upon impact. Some modified Gun Hunters can also shoot blue gel which will stick to the characters and immobilize them, for then to shoot the characters with their yellow bullets. However, the player can break free by pressing DreamcastA.

Sonic Rush

Gun Hunter Rush transparent

Gun Hunters also appear as enemies in Sonic Rush, along with other robots deployed by G.U.N. they appear exclusively in Huge Crisis. They appear to be smaller than when they appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and bear a rounded design with visible eyes. When they spot the player, it will shoot gunshots which can be avoided by simply crouching.

Sonic Generations

SonicGenerations 2015-09-02 15-55-27-476

A Gun Hunter shooting.

In Sonic Generations, the Gun Hunters were given a redesign. Here, they have much more realistic feet, bigger shoulders, carry jetpacks, do not have a shut down position, and hold their weapon like a minigun. They appear in both acts of City Escape.

In this game, the Gun Hunters can charge their shots and fire it as a yellow sphere energy. They do also not have a shut-down position like in Sonic Adventure 2 and now capable of flying at high speeds in the air. In Act 2, they, like all other enemies for Modern Sonic, are blown away upon impact when attacked, and can be used to hit other enemies if hit just right. In City Escape Act 1, a group of Gun Hunters can also be seen flying out of the GUN Military Truck.

In other media

Archie Comics

GUN Squad Archie

Gun Hunters in the Archie Comics.

The Gun Hunter robots have made several cameos throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. They had appeared during the brief attack by Dr. Eggman at Central City. (SU #38)


Hunched Gun Hunter

Hunched Gun Hunters in Weapon Bed.




Sonic Adventure 2

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Sonic Rush

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Sonic Generations

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