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The Gun Lift[1] is a vehicle that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It was originally an everyday means of transit throughout the Space Colony ARK,[1] but got equipped with weapons for emergencies.[1] It can be used for various actions in gameplay.


The Gun Lift is a rectangular and armored platform with yellow hazard stripes on the edges which moves along a green energy cord on the top. On the platform lies a heavily armored and single-barreled turret whose cannon can be folded out.


Gun Lifts are only found in Stages located onboard the Space Colony ARK, like Lost Impact. In gameplay, they have the capabilities of both a vehicle and weapon. When used, the player automatically rides along it to another section of the Stage and can at the same time use its turret to attack enemies along the path. To accelerate, the player must press A Button GameCube v2/PSXButton/XboxA, to attack with the turret, the player must press SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO/PSSquareButton/XboxX and to leave the Gun Lift, the player has to press Gamecube X Button/XboxB.


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