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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Guntiver 2
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #26

Latest Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #247


Eggman Empire

Guntiver is a Mobian wolf and the leader of the Arctic Freedom Fighters that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.


Guntiver assisted in rescuing the Knothole Freedom Fighters from being frozen and discovered by SWATbots, and later helped them destroy Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Weather Annihilator device. (StH: #26)

He later revealed to Rotor Walrus, who had just been saved by the Arctic Freedom Fighters from the mind-controlled Walrus Herd, that "Dr. Robotnik had returned". (StH: #85)

In 3237, Guntiver sent a transmission to the Council of Acorn in New Mobotropolis, requesting help if possible. He explained that the Walrus Herd was once again placed under mind control and being used to build and protect what seemed to be a giant refueling station of some kind. Sonic eventually made his way up north and was happily greeted by Guntiver, who lead him into an underground base beneath an igloo, where the rest of the Arctic Freedom Fighters were. He explained to Sonic that when they first met, they were more of an activist group than Freedom Fighters. Erma interjected that some of them had wished to be more proactive, earning a glare from Guntiver, but the wolf continued on, saying that as Dr. Robotnik was threatening the region, they had decided to solidly band together and fight for their home. After going over their plans, the group set out towards the enemy base.


After hatching a plan and infiltrating the area of the "Refueling Station", the group split into two as planned; Guntiver sent Sealia's group (consisting of herself, Flip and Augustus) underwater to attack the lower portion of the base while he, Sonic and Erma attempted to make their way through the aggressive Walrus Herd. Despite having to fight the walruses, Guntiver described them as "innocent" and reaffirmed that their mission was necessary to free them from Dr. Robotnik's control for good. Fortunately, the fighting from the hostiles came to an abrupt end courtesy of Silver the Hedgehog, who used the tower's signal booster to disrupt the herd's mind control as well as disable the Dark Egg Legion. While the underwater team succeeded in destroying the lower portion of the base, Guntiver caught Erma in a hug, elated. He and the rest of the team later enjoyed a victory celebration in Iceborough with the Walrus Herd, Rotor, and Silver. (StH: #215, #216)

Some time later the newly formed Team Fighters consisting of Sonic, Tails and Amy headed to the Northern Tundra in an attempt to rescue Princess Sally who had been roboticized into Mecha Sally, Team Fighters teamed up with Guntiver's group. Guntiver tells them that Dr. Eggman's Death Egg had arrived a few days ago at the Tundra, he also theorized that the Doctor had some fear struck in him by Sonic who stated that Eggman better be. Guntiver then asked Tails what he was going to do Sally once Team Fighters have her, Tails explained that T-Pup would keep her contained in the Tornado Bi-Plane. After Guntiver checked with Flip, asking him if the group was ready, Flip tells Guntiver that they just need to wait for Erma's signal, once she gave it, Team Fighters and The Arctic Freedom Fighters changed into the base with Sonic fighting off the Swat Bots with some unexpected help from Silver who had followed Team Fighters to the Tundra. Sonic is angry to see him again, Guntiver tells Sonic to take it easy but Sonic angrily mentions that Silver kept bothering him and his friends, saying there is a Traitor in the group, Sonic got fed up with it quickly and now he did not want to hear any of it again, Guntiver recalls Silver's attempt to kill Rotor, after Silver begged Sonic to give him a last chance and Tails telling Sonic to hear Silver out, Sonic agreed and Silver revealed his traitor to be Sally. Guntiver, along with his Team was shocked to hear this, but continued to listen to the Hedgehog. After Silver finished with what he had to say. Sonic lets Silver join in the rescue mission, Guntiver tells Sonic that Flip had found a tunnel that would take them to the Death Egg, once the heroes were all in it, Guntiver warns them to stay quiet as Grandmaster Arkhlut the Orca and his pod would know where they were. After Silver tried to light up the tunnel, Arkhlut and the entire pod attacked the tunnel breaking it. Guntiver orders Sealia, Augustus and Flip to fight the orcas while Sonic and Tails fought Arkhlut himself, Silver surrounded himself, Guntiver, Amy and Erma in a aura shield so they can breathe. Arkhlut attempted to attack Silver and made the shield dissipate, Guntiver nearly drowned with the other three, thankfully the rest of the team saved them and brought them to the surface. Now that Eggman was aware that the heroes were in the Death Egg, The two teams and Silver continued on, Mecha Sally confronted Sonic attempting to kill him and Amy, only for Silver to disable her. The heroes did not have time to celebrate as the whole world faded to white.


  • Despite Arctic wolves being white in real life, Guntiver strangely has red and yellow fur.

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