The Hammer Drop (ハンマードロップ Hanmā Doroppu?)[1] is a move that appears in Sonic Mania Plus. It is a technique used by Mighty the Armadillo where he makes an offensive drop at high speed.


When performing the Hammer Drop, Mighty jumps into the air, where he curls into a spinball. He then drops directly downward with a burst of speed so great that he leaves afterimages in his wake and the air spirals around him. Upon impacting the ground, he will then deal damage.

In gameplay, the Hammer Drop is a maneuver that not only deals damage to enemies, but can also destroy destructible obstacles that would otherwise damage the playable characters upon contact, like the Frozen Spikes in Press Garden Zone Act 2.[2] In addition, it can also be used to drop Item Boxes hidden in trees and clear out holes in the terrain.[1]

To perform the Hammer Drop in gameplay, the player must press the jump button during a Spin Jump.[1]


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