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Hammerhead with "Oscar" in Sonic the Comic #123. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Hammerhead is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a criminal from New Tek City in the Special Zone. The hammerhead shark once acted as a reformist, hoping to revolutionize energy on Planet Meridian. In reality, he was busy constructing the deadliest bomb that had ever been seen.


Several years before the events of Sonic the Comic, Hammerhead employed Porker Lewis (then known as "Oscar the Pig") before anybody knew he was a criminal. The shark convinced Porker that he was working towards creating a clean energy, but was hiding something from his favourite worker. Porker discovered that Hammerhead was building the most powerful bomb ever, so destroyed all the files that the pig had created under Hammerhead's employment. When Hammerhead was outed as a criminal, the shark made sure that everyone knew Porker was his right-hand man and would be implicated as a terrorist for years to come. To escape the police, Porker fled to Mobius and assumed a new identity.[1]

Somehow, Hammerhead evaded arrest and maintained a good life in New Tek City. While enjoying a quiet drink in The Purple Mush Room, a waiter spilled a drink on the crook. Hammerhead immediately flipped and prepared to throttle the worker, but changed his mind when he spotted "Oscar" with Knuckles the Echidna. After being interrupted by the echidna, Hammerhead savagely attacked Knuckles, leaving him severely injured.[2] Porker attempted to feign ignorance at the sight of Porker and was about to receive a thrashing from his former boss when he was saved by the invisible Espio the Chameleon. Mighty the Armadillo assisted the struggling chameleon but they would both be beaten when their backs were turned. The commotion gave Knuckles a chance to recover and was able to repel Hammerhead's attack, easily blocking his staff. One punch from Knuckles rendered Hammerhead unable to battle and the entire gang was soon rounded up by Lieutenant Furor.[3] Hammerhead was later sent into a prison cell.[1]


Despite being a nefarious individual, Hammerhead is a well-dressed gentleman and often speaks in a polite tone. However, one slight annoyance can turn him from a placid man into a raging monster.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

When angry, Hammerhead is seen to be extremely strong and managed to fend off three seasoned fighters.


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