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Harry Mole from Sonic the Comic #102. Art by Andy Pritchett.

Harry Mole is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a Special Agent for O.O.E.R. (Outer Ordinary Event Research) in the days following the fall of Dr. Robotnik's empire. He later became a private detective.


Harry wears a trench coat over an office suit, pince-nez glasses and, when he can keep hold of it, a brown fedora.


After hearing of strange nighttime sightings in the Plowright Zone, Harry Mole came to investigate. While interviewing a local named Farmer Nige, the two of them were attacked by the mutant Veg-Heads and rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog. Harry, Nige and Sonic were then captured by the Veg-Heads' ruler, King Edward,[1] but were quickly freed by Sonic.

Sonic and Harry ran to the nearby Chemical Plant Zone, where they discovered a toxic waste leak into the river. Harry remained behind to close off the leak while Sonic returned to face the Veg-Heads. Once the matter was resolved, Harry was able to close another case in his O.O.E.R. files.[2]

Some time later, he became a private detective, and he was called to investigate the theft of a statue called the Bronze Monkey from the Museum of Arty Art in the Eldorado Zone. Harry was stumped by the case, so Tails was called in to assist. The two heroes (and the museum curator) held a vigil that night to prevent further thefts, but the thief, Loot the Treasure Seeker, managed to appear inside the museum anyway. After stealing another statue, the Golden Handshake, he vanished again. Tails and Harry rushed outside, and Tails noticed Loot's footprints in the mud. Realising that Loot had the ability to turn invisible, Tails covered him in mud so that he could be seen. Loot attempted to flee, but tripped over one of Harry Mole's molehills and was caught. Tails offer Harry a lift home, but Harry said he preferred to use "the underground".[3]


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