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Haunted Zone monsters

The Haunted Zone monsters from Sonic the Comic #141. Art by Richard Elson.

The Haunted Zone monsters are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are evil creatures that rise from the Underworld and roam the Haunted Zone once per year on Hallowe'en Night.



Their bodies are covered in shaggy green fur and they have pig snouts, sharp fangs and long, pointed tails. Each monster wears a Charm of Despair around their necks, which allows them to return to the Underworld at midnight.

Mobians who spend Hallowe'en Night in the Haunted Zone may be corrupted by the evil of the Zone. The monsters give these individuals their own Charm of Despair, and if they are still wearing it at midnight they will return to the Underworld with the monsters; it is implied that they become monsters themselves.


One Hallowe'en, Sonic and Tails went to spend the night in the Haunted Zone. Sonic was quickly taken over by the evil of the Zone and tried to attack Tails. The monsters gave Sonic a Charm of Despair. Fortunately, Tails managed to steal Sonic's Charm before midnight, preventing him from returning to the Underworld with the monsters and breaking the spell. Sonic had no memory of the night's events and assumed he had fallen asleep, although Tails still had Sonic's Charm of Despair.[1]


  • The Haunted Zone monsters were not named in the story in which they appeared. They were referred only as "ghosties and goblins" of local legends, and Sonic's "new friends".


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