Heal Skill is a mechanic used in Sonic Battle. It can be used by all characters to regain HP after being damaged, although each Skills have restoration rates different from each other.


The Heal Skill can be performed by holding the L button in gameplay. Some characters can heal faster than others.

As well as increasing the user's HP, the Heal Skill also increases the Ichikoro Gauge, which once full, allows the player to knock-out any opponent in one hit with a special attack (provided that the said opponent is not blocking against that specific special attack.

The statistics of each Skill Card for a Heal Skill the effectiveness of the healing; the speed statistic determines how fast the playable character's HP is recovered, and the power statistic determines how fast the Ichikoro Gauge fills up.

The most effective Heal skill is the Ultimate Heal Skill used by Ultimate Emerl, the second fastest healing skill is Recovery Mode used by Chaos Gamma, however Cream the Rabbit's Heal skill, Cream Heal, restores both HP and Ichikoro Gauge at moderate speeds, making it a more-balanced alternative.

List of Heal SkillsEdit

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