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Health[1] (ライフ Raifu?, lit. "Life"[2]) is an Item Box power-up that appears in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. When obtained, it can restore the player's HP Gauge.


The Item Boxes with Health feature a white-framed square icon of a white medicine box with a red cross on a black background.



An Item Box containing a Health.

In gameplay, when the player obtains Health power-up, it fully restores the playable characters' HP Gauge, if they have taken damage prior to this. These power-ups only appear in the Shooting Battle Action Stages with Tails and Dr. Eggman, who use the HP Gauge exclusively.

Like other Item Box power-ups, Health will respawn every time after the player has lost a life. Obtaining a Health also grants 200 points.


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