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Heavy the Robot[1] is Dr. Robotnik's chief mechanic whose only game appearance was in Knuckles' Chaotix. Bomb works as Robotnik's other mechanic - together, they are Robotnik's Mechanix.[1]


Heavy is a clunky, silver construction with red oven mitts for hands and a gray/black body which resembles a coffee kettle. He possesses long, flat and rectangular feet and has springs for legs.


Heavy's sole appearance was in Knuckles' Chaotix. At some point prior to the beginning of the game, Heavy seemingly escaped alongside his fellow mechanic, Bomb, from Dr. Robotnik's clutches to help Knuckles and the rest of the Chaotix Crew in their quest. The game's manual, however, speculates that Heavy and Bomb may be lying and that their actual goal was to slow Knuckles and his friends down. However, this was neither confirmed nor denied.

Powers and abilities

In the game, Heavy was invincible to all attacks and could destroy Badniks by just touching them, but as his name suggests, he is extremely heavy, causing him to be very slow and unable to jump very high. Heavy also has a tendency to skid uncontrollably on the floor, causing the player to lose control of Heavy or be dragged around by Heavy if he's selected as a partner. Heavy's invincibility, however, is actually very handy when used in combination with Charmy's flying (as long as Charmy is the leader).

In other media

Archie Comics


Heavy and Bomb's Profile from Sonic Archives 9

Heavy and Bomb also made appearances in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, first appearing in the Knuckles' Chaotix 48 page special. After that issue, all the Chaotix ended up staying together except Heavy and Bomb, who disappeared. They eventually came back, serving in King Acorn's Secret Service under Geoffrey St. John. However, on one mission, the two were reprogrammed to assassinate the Acorn family, and were destroyed by the defending Sonic and co. Later, rebuilt versions of the two were sent to assassinate Mina Mongoose. However, they were also thwarted and presumed to be destroyed, although this is never seen. The new Heavy was last seen sinking in a lake, while Bomb blew himself up repeatedly.

Heavy and Bomb were later rebuilt and reprogrammed back to their sentient selves by Rotor to serve as the protectors of New Mobotropolis as members of Team Freedom.


Royal Secret Service

Heavy as a member of the the Secret Service.

In an issue of Sonic the Hedgehog there was a short teaser preview for the Knuckles' Chaotix comic special. In this preview, Dr. Robotnik is looking at all the Chaotix on a number of monitors. One monitor shows Heavy and Bomb, who look exactly like they do in the video game. However, in the actual comic, Heavy and Bomb received a complete makeover. Bomb became one solid red color and was given eyes and a mouth. Heavy was made very tall and square, with very rectangular eyes and a mouth. When they joined the secret service, they wore berets. After they were destroyed by Sonic, Robotnik rebuilt them. Their new models looked almost identical to their game designs with the exception that Bomb only had one arm.


  • Heavy and Bomb were the first robots to turn on Eggman and help Sonic's allies. Others who followed are E-102 Gamma and E-123 Omega, although their allegiance is questionable.
  • In Knuckles' Chaotix, Heavy and Bomb can be paired up with any of the other characters, but not with each other (unless the level select code is used).
  • If one uses an Action Replay code, they can select Heavy and Bomb at the bottom of the character select screen, where their names are listed as Heavy the Mechanic and Bomb the Mechanic. Similarly, they are listed in the manual as "Robotnik's Mechanix".





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