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The Heavy Gunner[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Mania. It is a mass-produced Badnik model and a variant of the Eggrobo created by Dr. Eggman to serve as strong arm specialists.[1] They are also members of the Hard Boiled Heavy line.[2]


The Heavy Gunner has a similar design to an Eggrobo, but its color scheme is modeled after a police uniform. Their middle torso is blue with a yellow cross-pattern on the front, which is secured with metal clips. They likewise bear a sheriff badge with the letters "HBH" engraved onto them. They also wear police motorcycle helmets which are fitted with a single red siren light and a microphone communicator.

The Heavy Gunner is equipped with a jetpack on their back and also carry a white and green rectangular prism-shaped weapon on their left arm.


In the gameplay of Sonic Mania, the Heavy Gunners serve as bosses in each Zone Act,[2] each one having their own unique set of abilities.[3]


  • According to the YouTube video "How to Make a Badnik, with Dr. Eggman" uploaded by the official Sonic YouTube channel, the Heavy Gunner's weapon comically appears to be inspired by a pencil sharpener.[4]



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