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Quotation1 A loose cannon that packs a serious firepower. He often flies by in a helicopter to terrorize from above. Quotation2
Description, Sonic Mania manual[1]

The Heavy Gunner[2] (ヘビーガンナー Hebīgan'nā?) is an antagonist that appears in Sonic Mania. He is an enhanced version of the Eggrobo created by Dr. Eggman who serves as his strong arm specialists.[2] He is a member of the Hard-Boiled Heavies.[3]


The Heavy Gunner has a similar design to an Eggrobo, but its color scheme is modeled after a police uniform. His middle torso is blue with a yellow cross-pattern on the front, which is secured with metal clips. He likewise bears a sheriff badge with the letters "HBH" engraved onto him. It also wears a police motorcycle helmet which is fitted with a single red siren light and a microphone communicator.

The Heavy Gunner is equipped with a jetpack on his back and also carry a white and green rectangular prism-shaped weapon on its left arm.


The Heavy Gunner is said to be a loose cannon,[1] making him a very erratic person. He is prone to causing unintentional damage as a result of this. Despite his unpredictable tendencies, he is shown to be fiercely loyal to the Heavy King by quickly saluting to him seemingly out of fear before going after Sonic.


In the gameplay of Sonic Mania, the Heavy Gunner serves as a boss that is fought at the end of Studiopolis Zone Act 1.

Boss guide

The Heavy Gunner launches two red missiles and one blue missile. The player must avoid the red missiles. If the player hits the blue missile with the Spin Attack, the blue missile will hit an Eggrobo. When the three Eggrobos defeated, the player must hit one last blue missile at Heavy Gunner's helicopter, in order to destroy it and force the Heavy Gunner to retreat.


  • According to the YouTube video "How to Make a Badnik, with Dr. Eggman" uploaded by the official Sonic YouTube channel, the Heavy Gunner's weapon comically appears to be inspired by a pencil sharpener.[4]
  • Heavy Gunner being described as a "loose cannon" is a reference to cop movies that often feature protagonists matching that description.
  • The Heavy Gunner is the only member of the Hard Boiled Heavies that serves as an Act 1 boss. All other members appear as Act 2 bosses.



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