Hedgehog hammer

Amy playing Hedgehog Hammer.

Hedgehog Hammer (ヘッジホッグハンマー Hejjihogguhanmā?) is a sub-game from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. The sub-game is only accessible by Amy Rose.


When Amy enters the room between the prison room and the main cabin in the Egg Carrier, there will be a platform surrounded by eight holes. When Amy jumps on the center of it, the sub-game will begin. As time passes, mole-like Sonic and Super Sonic heads will pop out from the holes and Amy must hit them on the head to earn points. Sonic's are worth a hundred points and Super Sonic's are worth five hundred points (they are much harder to hit than the normal Sonic's). Dr. Eggman heads will also appear, but will deduct two hundred points from the player's score if they are hit. Amy is required to beat a high score of two thousand points in order to escape from the prison area and proceed through her story. In addition to beating this high score she will also earn the Warrior Feather as a prize. If Amy returns after getting off the Egg Carrier before clearing Final Egg, or after her story, by obtaining over three thousand points, she will earn the Long Hammer.


  • This is the only sub game exclusive to one character.
  • Dr. Eggman's highscore uses his real name.
  • This is the only sub game that requires the player to enter it by selecting "Trial" on the main menu and then entering it via "Sub Game" for Amy to actually obtain the Emblems for the sub game.

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