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Hero Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog
Hero Shadow
Hero Shadow
Shadow activating Chaos Control in Hero Shadow State.
First appearance

Shadow the Hedgehog
(Only appearance)

Transformation overview
Cause of 

When Shadow's mind is fueled by thoughts of justice

Voice actor(s)
Voice actor(s)

Jason Griffith

Voice actor(s)

Kouji Yusa

Physical description

White, black, crimson with a cyan hue




Red with a cyan hue

Skills, powers and abilities
Enhanced powers
and skills
  • All of Shadow's standard abilities
  • Invulnerability
  • Large scale Chaos Control usage
Moves and techniques

Hero Shadow is a transformed state of Shadow the Hedgehog in the game Shadow the Hedgehog. It is achieved when Shadow's mind is fueled by thoughts of justice, and once obtained, this form grants him full control over positive chaos energy. This form, however, only lasts for a few moments.


Hero Shadow allows Shadow to become invincible and perform a large scale version of Chaos Control to move fast forward at breakneck speeds during Stages or slow down time during boss battles. He can as well use any weapon without draining its ammo/durability. Hero Shadow can be obtained by committing heroic actions and filling Shadow's Hero Gauge. It is the heroic version of Dark Shadow, which can be obtained through committing evil deeds. Shadow can also enter this form in his Super State, which is Super Shadow.


  • The blue color shown on Hero Shadow may be a reference to Sonic, because he is a blue hero.
  • When Shadow teleports using this state anyone who talks to him will stop until he finishes his Chaos Control move.


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