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Hidden Base

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Hidden Base is the tenth stage for the Hero Story in Sonic Adventure 2. It is the fourth stage for Tails, being a day-time alternative with different routes to that of Dr. Eggman's second stage, Sand Ocean.


After receiving the information of Eggman's plans, and leaving Central City and joining up with Knuckles, Knuckles leads Sonic, Tails, and Amy Rose to Dr. Eggman's pyramid base, where he said he saw Rouge enter the pyramid and assumed Eggman was there too. At this, Tails volunteers to find the entrance to the base.

Stage Layout

The stage is inspired from the pyramids of Egypt. The stage is infiltrated with GUN robots especially the Hawks series. The Stage is also is infiltrated with Kiki, Unidus, Gola robots and Shifting Sands that will make the player lose his life if the player fell in it. And therefore the player must be attentive to the hawks and use his Lock-on to Destroy the Dynamite Packs to reach locations and complete the stage.

Level Up Item

The Level Up Item for this stage is Mystic Melody, but to get to its location, Tails needs the Bazooka Level Up Item.


  • Wild Canyon's beginning cutscene takes place near the end of the stage.


Sonic Adventure 2 Music- Hidden Base03:36

Sonic Adventure 2 Music- Hidden Base


Sonic Adventure 2- Hidden Base Mission -1 - A Rank HD05:04

Sonic Adventure 2- Hidden Base Mission -1 - A Rank HD

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