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Hobson is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an large anthropomorphic manatee and partner of Choy. He originates from planet Drak and is a criminal escapee of the Drakon Empire.


Hobson is a very large and chubby humanoid manatee with light blue skin. He has a large and practically spherical torso, thick arms with large hands, and surprisingly short and thin legs with big feet. For facial features he has no visible neck, a short and thick muzzle with two front teeth sticking out, a few whiskers, pale eyes, what appears to be a short spike on his chin, and seemingly purple hair (as seen by his eyebrows). For attire, he wears Viking helmet with yellow horns and cloth hanging from the neck, brown gloves and shoes, a white short-sleeved shirt, black and white-striped form-fitting trousers held up by a brown belt. He also wears a cloth of brown fur on his back like a cape.


On their homeworld planet Drak, Hobson and Choy were arrested for defacing a statue of Emperor Ko-Dorr. They were brought before Ko-Dorr, who ordered them thrown in the dungeon for a few years until he decided their punishment. On the way to the cells however, Hobson quickly took out the guards upon Choy's orders while Choy used their Dimensional Staff to summon a Mobius Ring, through which they escaped, though without knowing where they would end up.[1]

The two partners arrived in Dr. Robotnik's hidden base on Flickies' Island,[1] where they met Robotnik himself. Hobson and Choy were easily duped into Robotnik's service when he told them that he was a heroic rebel and that Sonic was an evil dictator who had stolen his kingdom - specifically, that his regular blue form was merely a cover for his true identity, Super Sonic. Despite having reservations about helping Robotnik, Hobson was ignored by Choy who offered their services for riches, and the pair left through a Mobius Ring to confront Sonic at the Emerald Hill Zone and bring him back.[2]

Shortly after arriving in Emerald Hill Zone, Hobson and Choy found Sonic, and Hobson began fighting the hedgehog while Choy feigned having injuries. Initially, Hobson managed to stand his ground against Sonic thanks to his strength and durability, but when Choy took a punch from Sonic, Choy decided to retreat on the claim that they accomplished their mission, and Hobson took him through a Mobius Ring sent by Robotnik while wondering how they would explain this to the doctor.[2]


While appearing slow and stupid, Hobson is actually smart and quite sensible. He usually tries to be the voice of reason for Choy, though he is implied to be somewhat gullible.[2] He also has a rather passive and meek disposition, accepting the difficult situations he is placed in without arguing despite his size and strength.[1][2]

Powers and abilities

While Hobson lacks in speed, he makes up for it in raw physical strength. He easily possesses superhuman strength, enough to overpower two Sentinels and a Prosecutor at the same time and knocking them out with a single hit each.[1]

Hobson possesses a blubbery belly that gives him a high degree of resistance to injury. His layers of belly fat enables him to absorb the impact of blunt attacks, making him nearly impervious, and additionally eject those that have embed themselves in his belly with surprising force by flexing it.[2]



Choy is Hobson's long-suffering partner. He never treats Hobson with any respect, ignores his advices, and usually leaves all the hard work to him to protect himself. Hobson is well-aware of Choy's many flaws and short-sighted plans, and does not really believe he can count on him despite his assurances,[1] but chooses never to argue with him because he believes that nothing of what he thinks matters to Choy.[2] Regardless, Hobson remains by Choy's side, follows his orders, and cares about his well-being.[2]

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Dr. Ivo Robotnik became Hobson's employer following his and Choy's escape from the Drakon Empire, though Hobson was mostly dragged into his service by Choy for the sake of riches. In comparison to Choy, Hobson was skeptical about the doctor's motives and believed they would only get into more trouble by helping him.[2]


  • Hobson claims that he tries to lose weight, but does not have the willpower for it.[2]


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