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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Hobson (Big Guy) and Choy (Little Guy)

Hobson and Choy are a pair of criminal escapees from the Drakon Empire.


Choy is a small, purple, anthropomorphic beaver with green eyes and spiky hair. He wears green trousers, a brown belt with gold buckle, a yellow shirt, red shoes and white gloves. He claims to be the brains behind the pair and has a talent for planning, but his ambition and inability to think things through means his plans frequently fail. He is also a coward, letting Hobson do all the fighting and only attacking enemies when he thinks they are already beaten.

Choy's long-suffering partner Hobson, a rotund yet powerful blue manatee, is the muscle of the team. He wears brown gloves, shoes and shirt, black and white-striped trousers and a Viking helmet. Hobson is slow, but his fat belly means he is impervious to most attacks. Hobson claims that he tries to lose weight, but doesn't have the willpower.


Originally from Drak, the home-world of the Drakon Empire, Hobson and Choy were arrested for defacing a statute of Emperor Ko-Dorr. They were brought before Ko-Dorr, who ordered them thrown in the dungeon for a few years until he decided their punishment. On the way to the cells, the two managed to escape: Hobson overpowered the guards (two Sentinels and a Prosecutor), while Choy used the Prosecutor's Dimensional Staff to summon a Mobius Ring, through which they escaped.

Materialising in Doctor Robotnik's hidden base on Flickies' Island,[1] the pair were easily duped into the villain's service ("They were easier to fool than Knuckles was!") when he told them that he was a heroic rebel and that Sonic was an evil dictator - specifically, that he regular blue form was merely a cover for his true identity, Super Sonic. Hobson had reservations about helping Robotnik, but Choy believed they would be well rewarded when they put Robotnik back in control of Mobius.

The pair left to confront Sonic at the Emerald Hill Zone. Although Hobson managed to stand his ground against Sonic (Choy having let him do the fighting by claiming to have a "sudden cramp" from an old wound), the situation turned when Choy assumed that Sonic was beaten. He rushed in to deliver the final blow, only to find that Sonic was far from beaten. A single punch from Sonic convinced Choy to escape. He sent a message to Robotnik claiming that their mission was a success, and the two fled through a Mobius Ring back to Flickies' Island.[2]


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