The Hot Rod[1] (ロケットエンジン Rokketo Enjin?, lit. "Rocket Engine") is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is an unstable Pickup item that boosts a racer's speed.


The Hot Rod takes the appearance of a yellow car engine with three gray, flaming exhaust pipes on each side, a round three-segment meter gauge on the back, and two more exhaust pipes protruding from the rear.


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Dr. Eggman using the Hot Rod to gain speed.

The Hot Rod can be obtained from the different Capsules on the race tracks or by winning it from a Bonus Chance. Once activated (by pressing the Weapon button), it appears on the back of the racer's cart and boosts its speed beyond that of the "Boost" Pickup item. By pressing the Weapon button again, the player can detonate the Hot Rod, creating an explosion of flames over a large area which will damage and slow down nearby opponents, although it will cease the speed boost. Usually, when a racer wields a Hot Rod, a red circle appears above said racer to notify the opponents. Note that while the Hot Rod is in use, the player cannot use other Pickup items. If the player hits a racer with the Hot Rod successfully, they will be rewarded with points.

The Hot Rod has one drawback: the longer the Hot Rod is active, the more the gauge on its back will rise; with the white portion being a Level 1 boost, yellow being Level 2 and red being Level 3. Should the gauge's arrow hit the red area, the Hot Rod will blow up on its own not long after, causing the player to lose momentum temporarily.


  • The Hot Rod is one of the few Pickup items that cannot be collected or multiplied via the Super Pickup.




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