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The B-3x Hot Shot Heavy-Armed Combat Walkers is a boss from Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It also makes an appearance in Sonic X.


The Hot Shot is a security defense military fighter with bi-pedal locomotion. It is more powerful than the Big Foot and has stronger armaments. Not only does it have homing missiles, hover jets and a machine gun, but it is also equipped with a lock-on energy beam cannon that create small explosion upon impact.[1]


General Characteristics

  • Combat weight: 116,900 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    • Full length: 16.6 ft.
    • Width: 10.2 ft.
    • Height: 18.1 ft.
  • Power Plan1: GUN F-series Diesel Engine / Two GUN R-series turbofan engines


  • Road: 42 mph
  • Air: 90 mph (?)


  • One 200mmm Long-Range Beam Cannon
  • One M-32A1 22mm Gatling gun
  • Two four AIM-120C Advanced Medium-Range air-to-surface Missiles

Crew: One


  • Chobham-type armor on glaois and turret and armored bulkheads between turret and engine
  • Depleted uranium armor in production
  • Automatic fire detection and suppression
  • Collective overpressure Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection
  • GVDR-1A radiological warning device


It appears only in the Dark Story, trying to destroy Shadow after he was released from Iron Gate by Eggman. Shadow likewise proceeded to fight and destroy it to demonstrate to Eggman a taste of the power he possessed.


Boss guide

Hot Shot begins the fight by taking to the air and flying in a circular path around the area. Hot Shot is capable of releasing gunfire during flight which can damage Shadow, even when he is using the spin dash. When Hot Shot lands, it normally fires missiles from the modules on its shoulders. After launching the missiles, Hot Shot is vulnerable and completely open to attacks. Hot Shot also possesses a charge shot which takes approximately 5 seconds to charge (nearing the corners). It uses a recite to aim at Shadow and thus, can be avoided by paying attention to the reticle. When landing a successful third hit at him, he will charge up his shots and increase its numbers. Four hits are required to defeat him.

As an easier way to defeat him in less than a minute, the player can jump onto the top of container before he destroys it, and launch a Homing Attack at the Hot Shot.


Sonic Adventure 2- B-3X Hot Shot -1080 HD-00:48

Sonic Adventure 2- B-3X Hot Shot -1080 HD-

In other media

Sonic X

Main article: Hot Shot (Sonic X)
B-3x shot (Sonic X)

Dr. Eggman looking at the Hot Shot in Sonic X.

In the anime series Sonic X, the Hot Shot appeared in "Project: Shadow". Shortly after Dr. Eggman had awoken Shadow from stasis, the Hot Shot approached them. However, Shadow destroyed it with a single punch. As written in its eyecatch card, the Hot Shot possesses a cannon and enhanced capabilities.




Sonic X


  1. 1.0 1.1 Sega. Screen shots / Boss Battle. Archived from the original on 13 March 2010. Retrieved on 1 September 2015. “A security defense military fighter with bi-pedal locomotion. Hot Shot is more powerful than Big Foot and has stronger armaments. Not only does it have homing missiles, hover jets and a machine gun, but it's also equipped with a lock-on energy beam cannon. The military is ordered to seek and destroy Shadow who has broken into the security area. Hot Shot belongs to the Spider troop.”
Sonic Adventure 2

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