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Hover Shoes
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Shadow using his Hover Shoes to stay afloat while shooting in Shadow the Hedgehog.
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Sonic Adventure 2

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Increasing Shadow's speed


Shadow the Hedgehog's footwear

Hover Shoes, also known as Air Shoes, are the shoes worn by Shadow the Hedgehog. They were created by Gerald Robotnik.


Unlike Sonic's Power Sneakers, Shadow's Hover Shoes usually keep the same design. They are mainly white, with black heels and soles, and what seems to be a red strip of metal lines the bottom of each shoe. In Shadow's artwork, this strip usually seems to have a spot where the red has been scratched off, as a sort of "battle scar". The bottom of each shoe is black, and has a pattern of small "jets" which Shadow uses to propel himself forward.They mainly consist of black red and yellow,with a big white spot in the middle.


Whenever Shadow is running, his movement creates the illusion that he is skating. This is because the jets on the soles of the Hover Shoes propel him forward at a constant pace, but he moves as if he is simply skating along the ground. Shadow uses his Hover Shoes to increase his speed. This is indicated in Sonic Battle, which states that he "uses the power of his Hover Shoes to move fast". Also, in Shadow's rival battle in Sonic Generations, Shadow uses his Hover Shoes to keep up with Sonic.



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