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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
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Hunter from Sonic the Hedgehog #140

Hunter was a rogue Overlander poacher and a foe of Knuckles the Echidna, who considered the mass murder of Mobians acceptable so long as he gave them a sporting chance. Hunter had black hair and blue eyes and wore safari outfit.


He first appeared on Angel Island, capturing Knuckles and his childhood rival, a gorilla named Monk, locking shock collars around their necks to prevent their escape and hunting them across Angel Island. Eventually cornering the escapees in the Hydrocity Zone, Hunter executed Monk, which drove Knuckles to instinctively use his dormant Chaos powers to drive the Overlander away. (KtE #30, #31, #32)

Death to the Hunter

Knuckles sending Hunter into the sea.

Held prisoner by the Brotherhood of Guardians for several months, Hunter was freed by the Eggman-supported dingoes during their take-over on Echidnaopolis in Angel Island. Seeing potential in the villain, Robotnik enhanced his fighting abilities and armed him with a 'Chaos Spear' that allowed him to teleport his targets into captivity in New Megaopolis. Once more however, Hunter was bested by Knuckles, who transformed into his Hyper Knuckles persona and cast the Overlander into the sea, where he allegedly drowned-unless he was first killed by the force of falling several hundred feet. This fate was oddly fitting, given that it echoed that of Monk.

Before his supposed death, Hunter captured numerous citizens of Angel Island, including Constable Remington, the Fire Ant Council, and Xenin of the Dark Legion. He also seemingly captured Dr. Finitevus, but the mad scientist appears to have used Hunter as a distraction to allow him to disappear and work on his own agenda.


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