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Sonic in Hyper Mode.

Hyper Mode is a special mode in the game Sonic the Fighters. It can be activated in any fight by all fighters in order to increase the speed of their moves and unlock access to special Hyper Moves. However, the fighters lose some of their shields in the process of doing so.


For the final fight against Eggman, the characters toss the Chaos Emeralds into the air right before fighting him. They activate it in order to beat Eggman in less than fifteen seconds and escape the destruction of the Death Egg II. Due to this event, Hyper Mode might be a weaker type of a Super State.


  • This is the only time Amy, Fang, or Espio has ever used the Chaos Emeralds to achieve a transformation in the games.
  • The loss of shields while using Hyper Mode is similar to the Fighting Vipers version, where armor can be discarded in lieu of faster attacks.
  • A similar event happens in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games during the Sonic World Dream Figure Skating, but looks slightly different, and is used to take down a smaller, frozen Perfect Chaos.

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