Iblis is a boss encountered in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is fought in all three storylines of the game, where Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog fight Iblis' second form, while Silver the Hedgehog fights its first and third form.


When Iblis surfaced in Crisis City, Silver and Blaze confronted it. Although they won the fight, they knew Iblis could just resurrect itself.

When looking for a Chaos Emerald in Flame Core to travel back to their original time frame, Sonic and Shadow were forced to fight off Iblis (who had adapted a worm-like form) when it attacked them.

After shattering the Flame of Disaster's core inside Flame Core, Silver and Blaze confronted Iblis, who was getting closer to its final form, again. After beating it, Blaze sacrificed herself to seal Iblis away in another dimension.

Boss battle

Iblis Phase 1

When the battle begins, Silver must collect Rings and fast. There are four lines of Rings in the arena: two in the air near the center of the platform and two on the extreme edges. While getting the Rings, use PK to pick up the nearby debris and start hurling it at Iblis. The monster has a significant amount of armor made out of cooled molten earth. However, the armor falls away as you launch repeated attacks on Iblis, exposing its pure flame interior. To make an accurate volley, Silver must be pointed directly at Iblis in order to fling the debris at the beast. Iblis won’t simply weather your attacks. The monster will raise its arms from time to time, blocking his face. When Iblis is guarding itself, don’t bother throwing any debris at it. You can’t waste any readily available projectiles. Even though debris does appear as you fi ght, thanks to Iblis’s attacks, you actually have enough potential weapons at the beginning to do extensive damage. Watch for when Iblis raises all four arms and then run away. When Iblis exposes its chest, a torrent of molten rock explodes forth, peppering the platform. Some of the fireballs actually remain on the ledge, though, which you can pick up with PK and fling back at the beast. When the player see Iblis lower its upper arms into the lava, expect it to pick up a skyscraper. The monster raises the building high above the platform before bringing it down, casting a large shadow. Get out of the shadow to escape damage. The smashed building leaves behind debris the player can use against Iblis. After the player whittle down half of Iblis’s health and chisel away all of its armor, the monster resorts to breathing fire on the platform. The sweeping fire attack cannot be deflected in any way, so head for the sides of the platform to avoid getting burned to a crisp. Keep hurling debris at the titanic Iblis to bring it down. When the monster either raises its chest up or lowers its head, you have the best chance of striking the final blow. When you do finally drain all of Iblis’s health, the monster sinks back into the inferno, leaving Silver and Blaze to ponder what to do next to save their ruined world.

Iblis Phase 2


When the battle begins, the player have a few seconds to seek out Rings on the stone platforms in the lava. (The platforms are really fallen stalactites that were shaken loose from the lava dome’s ceiling.) Collect some of the Rings for safety, but leave behind as many as possible so that the player has a back-up supply in case Iblis nails the player with one of his fireball attacks, or if the player accidentally fall from a platform. After the first volley of fi eballs, Iblis brings down another batch of stalactites. This creates a make-shift bridge to the three purple orbs in the center of the chamber. Make haste to the orbs, and avoid giving Iblis another opportunity to fling more fireballs at you. Use a Homing Attack to slam into an orb and make it light up. The illumination attracts Iblis, and the monster clumsily lunges for the orb with its pincers. If you’re standing underneath the orb when Iblis arrives, you’ll be knocked off the platform. After lighting the orb, jump back one row of platforms to give the brute ample clearance to investigate the orb. When the player see the green eye in the middle of the worm’s forehead open up, jump forward and use a Homing Attack. the player automatically drawn to the eye, and the attack results in a loss of one-quarter of the monster’s health. After the player hit the monster three times, its armor falls away. A successful attack on Iblis launches the player back to the chamber’s far side, near where the player started. If the player lost any Rings during the attack, pick up some replacements now. Iblis drops more stalactites into the lava, but these don’t create a path to the orbs. These break the existing bridges, leaving the player stranded at the rear of the chamber and vulnerable to a far reaching fireball attack. Jump back and forth around the remaining platforms to avoid the incoming blasts. Note: Iblis never creates the same path to the orbs sometimes only specific orbs will be available, such as the central sphere. Don’t get greedy about inching close to the orbs after a successful attack. The living flame destroys platforms with raining stalactites and fi reballs, leaving the player in the middle of the lava. If the player cannot reach high ground before you lose all your Rings, you’re cooked. When Iblis has only a quarter of its health remaining, it changes its tactics. The monster now knows that the orbs aren’t lighting up on their own the player causing the illuminations. After the player light one of the orbs, the worm sinks into the lava, swims behind the platforms, and surfaces under thenplayer feet. While the worm is out of sight, jump around if the player stay still, the player will get killed. When Iblis surfaces, use a Homing Attack to zero in on its green eye one last time.

Advanced User Tactics : The user can speed up the battle by gaining some Rings and jumping into the lava, then heading to the orbs on the solid footholds lowest to the ground.


When the boss battle begins, Shadow is separated from Iblis by a massive pool of lava. There is no way across just yet, but the jarring movements of Iblis’s worm form rattle loose enough rocks from the chamber’s ceiling to build a makeshift bridge. Just keep an eye on the ceiling to make sure none of the rocks fall directly on the player Several circles of Rings grace the chamber. While Iblis fills in the pool with new rocks, pick up all the Rings as you make your way across. When the worm stands straight up in the lava and throws its head back, look out for a fat volley of fireballs to erupt from it. The fireballs fly through the air and slam into the rocks, doing serious damage to Shadow if he is clipped by one of them. Minimize the player chances of being struck by jumping into the air as the fireballs come down; the molten magma balls have small blast radii when they hit the rocks. Iblis eventually jars loose enough rocks that the player can run across the chamber to the three purple spheres in the room’s center. These spheres are the key to defeating Iblis. To illuminate a sphere, strike it with a kick or a Chaos Spear. The sphere begins to glow, and then it’s only a matter of time before Iblis has to investigate. Get ready for the attack by dropping back down to the rock below the sphere and stand back, away from the open field of lava where Iblis plays. When Iblis slams its head into the sphere to get a closer look, jump forward and use a Homing Attack to strike the green eye in the middle of its head. Each attack carves off one fourth of his health meter. As soon as you knock out the eye, Iblis retreats back to the center of the room and he’s angry. He shakes and disturbs the lava, destroying many of the rocks. Retreat to the rear of the chamber and fight your way back to the spheres as Iblis rebuilds the bridge by shaking more rocks loose from the ceiling. If the player reach the sphere when Iblis is in the middle of one of his attacks, such as unleashing fireballs or shaking down stones, retreat immediately even if you have already activated a sphere. You’re especially vulnerable in the middle of the chamber and you cannot afford to be knocked into the lava and lose all of your Rings. When 25% of its health remains, Iblis charges at you, breaking the footholds Similar to the battle with Sonic.

Iblis Phase 3

When the battle begins, Iblis raises his arms to issue forth his initial salvo of fireballs. Silver’s platform is long enough to run to either extreme and avoid the volleys. Pick up Rings as you move. Several cooling balls of lava are sitting on the platform and the start of the fight. Lift them with PK and hurl them across the molten ocean to chip away at Iblis’s armor. After the first batch has been exhausted, the player must wait out Iblis’s fireball attacks to replenish the supply. Do not throw lava balls during an attack, as the player risk hitting only one of Iblis’s projectiles instead of the lava leviathan itself. After he withstands several of your attacks, Iblis moves in for the kill. The living flame slams its arms down on the platform, shattering the edges and making it smaller. When it lowers its head, you can spy its weak spot: the green eye in the middle of its forehead. A PK marker appears on the eye, signaling that you can attack. Levitate over to Iblis’s head and stand on the marker. Unleash a blast of PK to damage the living flame, forcing it to recoil back across the sea of lava. Iblis unleashes a series of shockwaves that speed across the lava toward Silver’s platform. You must either jump over or duck under the shockwaves as they roll into range. If you’re struck by a shockwave, you’ll lose your Rings, and there’s a good chance the ripple will wash them right off the platform. After you attack Iblis with several lava balls and at least two PK attacks to the green eye, Iblis resorts to one final attack. The living flame raises its arms and conjures up a massive lava sphere. You have a few seconds to watch Iblis gather up the lava before it catapults the sphere across the arena. When the lava sphere is almost upon you, use PK to take control of it, just like you would a fireball from a worm. Still facing Iblis, throw the sphere back. This is the death blow that finishes off Iblis. If the player miss the sphere as it descends on the platform, the player will be knocked into the lava there is no escape; it’s a one-hit kill.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Iblis Phase 1 1080 HD02:17

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Iblis Phase 1 1080 HD

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Iblis Phase 2 (Sonic) 1080 HD03:18

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Iblis Phase 2 (Sonic) 1080 HD

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Iblis Phase 2 (Shadow) 1080 HD

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Iblis Phase 3


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