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The Ichikoro Gauge[1] (イチコロゲージ Ichikorogēji?) is a game mechanic that appears in Sonic Battle. It is an energy gauge for powering up Special Moves.


The Ichikoro Gauge is a rather simple energy bar, talking the appearance of a thin blue gauge with a green bar inside, which rests on top of the HP gauge in the upper left corner of the screen.


In the gameplay of Sonic Battle, the Ichikoro Gauge is a mechanic available to all playable characters and may turn a losing battle around. By using a Special Move when the Ichikoro Gauge is fully filled up, resulting in the user flashing lightly, the user can defeat an opponent in one hit. Once the Special Move is used, the Ichikoro Gauge goes down to zero. Note that the Special Move allocated to "Defend" does not give opponents extra damage. Following any of the three procedures will increase the Ichikoro Gauge:

  • Receive damage: By receiving damage from opponents, the eight of the received damage is transferred to the Ichikoro Gauge.[1]
  • Defend from attack: By defending from being attacked, half of the received damage is transferred to the gauge. However, note that when an opponent's Ichikoro Gauge is full and if the fighter successfully defends against a Special Move from the opponent, the fighter's Ichikoro Gauge will fill completely up.[1]
  • Recover HP: As HP is being recovered, the Ichikoro Gauge will gradually fill up.[1]


  • "Ichikoro" (イチコロ?) is Japanese for "trouncing," or "beating somebody hands down."



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