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The Imperial Guards[1] is a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was the soldiers that protected Princess Kupacious and kept the peace in Shanazar. For combat, the Imperial Guards employed long staffs or a small, wiggly blades.[1]


The Imperial Guards made their entrance when Sonic the Hedgehog appeared on Shanazar. Having been warned by the Grand Vizier that more creatures from Mobius may arrive, the Imperial Guards quickly engaged Sonic to capture him only to get beaten, so they had their wizard Fajar use his parasitic genie to knock Sonic out. Later, a guard took Sonic, Grimer and Nack from the dungeons to the Grand Vizier, only to take Grimer and Nack back when they discovered their host to be Dr. Kintobor.[1]

After Sonic and Kintobor caught up, an Imperial Guard summoned Kintobor to see Princess Kupacious. Unfortunately, upon seeing that Sonic was no longer in the dungeons, they attacked him before Kintobor could explain. Though Sonic easily handled the guards, the fight ended on Kupacious' command.[2] A pair of Imperial Guards later accompanied Sonic and Kintobor on their mission to bring the chosen children to the Mystic Mountain. However, they hastily retreat in terror once they reached the mountain's gate.[3]

Much later, two guards blocked the entrance to the princess' palace, but were easily brushed aside by Sonic. More accompanied Kupacious wehn she learned of Dr. Robotnik's treachery. As the princess ordered the guards to behead Robotnik however, she was turned into a frog, and the guards decided to disobey the order.[4] After Shanazar was merged with Mobius by Robotnik,[5] the Imperial Guards' fates remain unknown.


The Imperial Guards' identities were largely obscured by their ropes and face protectors. Every piece of their uniforms were colored regal purple.


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