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Sonic Boom
In the Midnight Hour (transcript)

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This is transcript for the Sonic Boom episode "In the Midnight Hour".

[Scene: Hedgehog Village, night.]

[Sticks is covered in paint and kicking and punching something, making karate calls. It's revealed that she was attacking a canvas, which now has a picture painted on it.]
Sticks: Sticks, you are a mixed martial artist. [She picks up the canvas and stares at it.] Don't lie to me, me; this thing stinks! [She tosses the canvas away.]
[Sticks hears a strange sound, and when she looks in the direction of the sound, there's an eerie, cloaked figure levitating beside a television antenna. Sticks silently creeps up to it, but the figure looks at her; its eyes are red, hypnotic swirls.]
Sticks: Ahhh! [She runs away, scared.]

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, night.]

[Sonic is sleeping in his hammock when Sticks comes up to him.]
Sticks: Sonic! Wake up!
Sonic: [mumbling in his sleep] What'd you say, sugarplum?
Sticks: Don't call me "sugar plum"; I'm not Amy! [She grabs Sonic by his nose, and he wakes up.]
Sonic: Sticks?! What are you doing?! Unhand my face!
Sticks: You've gotta come with me to the TV studio; there's a red-eyed prowler up to no good!
Sonic: But I was right in the middle of a really sweet dream. I was dancing with sugar plums! [He smiles and holds up one hand, but then he stares at the viewer.] You know, when I say it out loud, I kinda regret having said it out loud.
[Sticks grabs Sonic's hand and drags him out of the shack.]

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, night.]

[Sonic and Sticks arrive at the TV studio, but Sonic is still sleepy; he yawns as Sticks looks around.]
Sticks: But I saw him with my own two eyes! I smelled him with my nose! I smorfed him with my sixth sense!
Sonic: I'm going back to bed. [Walks away, leaving Sticks on her own.]
Sticks: That's the trouble with being a paranoid kook; when something really is going on, no one believes you! You can say that again. I know, right?

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Team Sonic is having a meal in there and Sticks has just explained the whole story to the others]