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Quotation1 You may call me... Infinite... in the brief moments that remain to you. Quotation2
Infinite, Sonic Forces

Infinite[2] is a character that is set to appear in Sonic Forces. He is an elusive yet powerful villain who has aligned himself with Dr. Eggman.[3]

Concept and creation

During the drafts, Infinite was originally called "Zero".[4]


Infinite is a black being akin to an anthropomorphic animal with a black body, a small silver triangular mark on his chest, long stiff white quills, and a bushy tail with a white tip. He wears black gloves with silver streaks on the back and sharp fingers. He also wears pointed metal black, white and silver hi-tops. Infinite's most noticeable feature is a dark blue and silver metal mask with large ears with white and black circular patterns on the inside, and a black lightning bolt-shaped piece of metal over his right eye. However, his left eye is visible, revealing a red sclera with a yellow iris and black pupil.


Infinite is an enigmatic and mysterious, yet lethal figure. Extremely collected, he presents himself as perceptive, aloof and very much in control of the situations he finds himself in, toying and barely sparing his enemies a thought even in direct combat.[5]


Not much is known about Infinite or his history other than the fact that he formed an alliance with Dr. Eggman as one of his henchmen, alongside Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Zavok and Chaos.[2] Infinite himself was put at the tip of the spear in Eggman's army after the Eggman Empire had conquered most of the world.[5]

Powers and abilities


Infinite summoning energy cubes.

Described as powerful, Infinite is said to possess strange abilities.[3][5] His power is so great that he can outmatch even Sonic in combat with relative ease.[5]

Infinite is capable of moving at unprecedented speeds that surpass even that of Sonic himself, able to easily dodge one of Sonic's attacks even when he was boosting. He possesses great strength as well, enough to knock away someone of Sonic's size with enough force to crack a brick wall upon impact.[5] Some of Infinite's more supernatural skills include the power to create and summon red cubes of energy, which he can move around telekinetically, and firing energy blasts from his hands.[3][5] Infinite is also capable of levitation.


"A little blue savior... but what's that I smell?"
—Infinite, "Enter Infinite" trailer



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