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Soldiers of the Insectra Empire from Sonic the Comic #111. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colouring by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Insectra Empire is a species of spacefaring aliens who have fought a ten thousand year war against the people of their rival planet, the Blurrgh. The leader of the Insectra Empire is Dark Visor, who took over from his grandfather, Dim Visor, and his great-great grandfather, Dusty Visor.[1]


Insectras are generally humanoid, but have green skin and compound eyes. They do not have hair, but have small raised areas on their heads in place of ears. Soldiers wear helmets with plumage that may resemble hair or feathers.


A soldier from the Insectra Empire opened a temporary gateway between their native dimension and Mobius, hoping to enlist the aid of Sonic the Hedgehog in defending their world from the Blurrgh. The transmission was received by Shortfuse the Cybernik, who volunteered to help in Sonic's place and flew through the gateway moments before it was closed for good.[2] However, it became apparent that the war was a pointless waste, with nobody remembering what it was about. The Insectras subsequently captured Shortfuse and brainwashed him with an alien creature called a Controla-Crawly,[1] turning him into an evil warrior they called the Destroyer.[3]

When Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary were beamed aboard an Insectra starship,[3] they were captured by Shortfuse and brought before Dark Visor. However, they managed to remove the Controla-Crawly attached to Shortfuse, freeing him from the Insectra brainwashing. The three heroes were about to make their escape before the ship was shot down by the Blurrgh,[1] and they crash landed on the planet of the Kaamdaarn.[4]

The Insectra and Blurrgh initially intended to continue their war on the planet's surface, but when they discovered that the native Kaamdaarn were peaceful and had no weapons, they decided to team up and exterminate the Kaamdaarn instead. Fortunately, the positive energy of the Kaamdaarn meant that no weapons could function on the planet, and the Insectras and Blurrgh were both easily apprehended by Amy, Tekno and Shortfuse. Instead, both races decided to settle peacefully on the Kaamdaarn planet and end their war.[4]


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