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It's Your Shout underway, from Sonic the Comic #101. Art by Roberto Corona and John M. Burns.

It's Your Shout is an event that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a topical discussion panel held in the Metropolis Zone.[1]


It's Your Shout is a live-stage television show filmed in the Metropolis Zone's City Hall. The show features a panel discussion with a Mobian dog for a host where participants come on stage and discuss a topic with the audience.[1]


With Dr. Robotnik gone, Derek Wombat and Giles Baboon were both running for world leader in an election. The two of them thus made an appearance on It's Your Shout to garner favor for their election. Sonic the Hedgehog would attend with some of his friends, though he found it very boring. During the panel, both politicians expressed their ideas for change if they were elected, but dodged actual political issues. It's Your Shout would later host the vote results, which ended in a tie and the establishment of the Zone Leaders.[1]


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