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"It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog" is the forty-fourth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 30 August 2015 in France and on 19 September 2015 in the United States.


Dr. Eggman is missing his particle accelerator and all evidence points to Sonic. With the villagers also claiming stolen items, Sonic must find the real thief in order to clear his name.






At his villainous lair, Eggman joyfully dusts his collection of inventions, contemplating some impending evil use for them. However, to his horror, he discovers that his Particle Accelerator has disappeared and proceeds to summon local law enforcement for investigation. As an officer questions Eggman about his missing property, the doctor alleges that it had been stolen by Sonic, who had already been called to the crime scene. Sonic denies the accusation but prior evidence, including matching footprints alongside the remains of chili dogs, links Sonic to the crime. To make matters worse, it appears that multiple thefts had been committed throughout the Village, all featuring similar evidence. While the officers attempt to arrest Sonic, the hedgehog instead declares his intentions to clear his name by discovering the true culprit and proceeds to escape the scene.

Meanwhile, the villagers that fell victim to the thefts proceed to gather at Mayor Fink's mension with demands to pursue Sonic. While the mayor attempts to calm the developing mob, Knuckles arrives and claims that he alone will be able to catch Sonic. As the public turns against him, Sonic, now operating incognito, has adopted disguise and a false identity as a warehouse worker in a different village. In the midst of loading crates, Sonic's co-worker Earl mentions a stranger in the West Forest. Following up on this information, Sonic decides to investigate but is halted when Earl is injured by a stray horseshoe from a nearby game. Deciding to first assist his injured co-worker, Sonic is directed by Earl's physician Doc to collect a pink orchid for an Anti-Horseshoe Elixir in the East Forest. He quickly manages to find the ingredient but encounters Knuckles, who reveals that he actually intends to assist his friend.

Upon delivering the orchid, Sonic and Knuckles resume the case together and pursue Sonic's lead, narrowly avoiding Mayor Fink and his search party. The duo discovers a remote shack and are then confronted by Metal Sonic. Knuckles attempts to engage the robot but his efforts are proven futile and he is beaten into unconsciousness. Sonic then angrily attacks his mechanical doppelgänger and manages to gain the upper hand. However, Metal Sonic reveals Eggman's Particle Accelerator, affirming himself to be the thief, and uses it to infuse himself with a massive quantity of energy. The machine then chases Sonic throughout the island. Feigning fatigue at his shack, Sonic manages to surprise his opponent by throwing a horseshoe that destroys the Particle Accelerator. The resulting explosion then renders Metal Sonic inert.

Sonic then collects all of the stolen goods from Metal Sonic and returns to the Village Center alongside Knuckles. Approaching Eggman, Sonic returns the Particle Accelerator, yet the doctor remains unconvinced that Sonic was not the perpetrator of the theft and demands his arrest. Before anyone can make a move, however, Earl, now revived, reveals the inactive Metal Sonic, which Sonic establishes to be the real culprit motivated by Eggman to incriminate Sonic. Eggman denounces the claim, takes his robot and particle accelerator, and retreats to his lair. Sonic thanks Earl before he is again hit by a stray horseshoe.

Later, a group of villagers, oblivious to Sonic's exoneration, still purse the hedgehog but are deterred by the nighttime noises.


  • When Sonic arrives at the city hall and is proven innocent of the thefts, Dave the Intern and Mayor Fink can be seen in the background, yet in the next scene they are still out looking for Sonic to apprehend him.
  • Scorpion-bit's tail appears smaller than in "Aim Low".

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French C'est pas moi, c'est l'autre It Was Not Me! It Was the Other One!
Finnish En se ollut minä! Se oli se toinen! It was not me! it was the other one!
German Ich war's nicht, der einarmige Igel war's It wasn't me, it was the one armed Hedgehog
Hungarian Sonic a tettes Sonic the culprit
Italian Non sono stato io It was not me
Polish Kto wrobił jeża Sonica Who Framed Sonic the Hedgehog
Russian Меня подставили I was framed



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