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The Item Panels[1] (アイテムパネル[2] Aitemu Paneru?), also known as Power-Up Items, are objects that appear in Sonic R. They are floating emblem-like objects that grant power-ups to the player when touched.


The Item Panels are blue and yellow colored circles with red wings on the sides and a yellow five-pointed star in the center.


Item Panels are found on the various race courses available in Sonic R. They are the game's equivalent to Item Boxes, containing items/power-ups for the racers to use. The player can obtain the item contained in the Item Panel by simply making contact with it. After that, Item Panel shows the item and disappears after spinning.

Type of Item Panels

Picture Item Notes
Item Panel Five
Big 5 Ring

Grants five extra Rings.

Item Panel Ten
Big 10 Ring

Grants ten extra Rings.

Item Panel Twenty
Big 20 Ring

Grants twenty extra Rings.

Item Panel Sneakers
Fleet Feet

Increases the player's speed temporarily.

Item Panel Shield
Water Shield

Creates a blue shield around the user and gives the ability to walk on water. Disappears after crossing the water once.

Item Panel Thunder
Lightning Shield

Creates a yellow shield around the user and gives the ability to attract nearby Rings. Dissipates when submerged in water.

See also


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