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Iwamodoki (イワモドキ?)[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic & Knuckles. It is a mass-produced Badnik model created by Dr. Robotnik.


Like the Rock'n, Iwamodokis are disguise as one of the rocky blocks in Lava Reef Zone. Beneath their disguise they have a pair of black eyes and a grey body with violet details around it.


Iwamodokis are only encountered in Lava Reef Zone where they mostly remain stationary under rocks. When the player gets close enough though, the Iwamodokis will open their eyes and prepare to self-destruct, flashing briefly in the process. Eventually, the Iwamodoki will explode into a rocky shower that can damage the player, and release the Animal inside it. When the player destroy an Iwanodoki, they are awarded a hundred points. If an Iwanodoki self-destructs though, no points are awarded.

Iwamodokis cannot be destroyed by attacks, so it is best to get out of the way when they detonate. However, these projectiles will bounce harmlessly off any shield variant.


  • Although their name does not show up in any manual and the Badnik itself only seen briefly in Hirokazu Yasuhara's sketches of the Japanese manual, "Iwamodoki" appears to come from Japanese sources; however, a Sonic the Comic Q Zone which covered Sonic & Knuckles refers to the enemy as "Mushmeanie".[2] This may be analogous to Blastoid and Blastoid in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • Although this Badnik blows itself up, its Animal comes out unharmed, unlike in similar cases with self-detonating Badniks, like Bombs.
  • Iwamodoki means "pseudo-rock" in Japanese.


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