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The most recent Jack In The Box logo.

Jack In The Box is a popular American Fast Food resturant. They have kids' meals (like most Fast Food resturants) that include a toy.

Sonic Toys

Around 1999, Jack In The Box started putting Sega toys in their "Jack's Kids Meals." There were two Sega toys, a toy of Bug from the SEGA Saturn, and Ecoo The Dolphin, who appeared on various SEGA consoles.

One of the Sonic toys given was a Sonic pull-back racer. The toy itself is essentially a Sonic pull-back toy. It is a head and torso on a circle with wheels.

They also released a Knuckles figure. It doesn't have any action that most kids' meals have. It's just display piece. However, the arms do articulate.

Sonic 3D Blast

Right before Sonic Adventure hit the shelves, Jack In The Box was selling Sonic 3D Blast for $1.99, if the costumer bought the kids' meal. By taking on it's own, it would cost $5.99. The box is technically "special edition" with it having different cover art and back. It also has a Jack In The Box logo in the corner.

Sonic & Knuckles Collection

Possibly released around the same time during the same promotion with Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic & Knuckles Collection was also available to buy with a kids' meal or by itself.