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Jacko Lantern is a character who appears in Sonic the Comic published by Fleetway Editions. He is a native supervillain of the Superzone.


Jacko Lantern is a scarecrow-like super-villain colored yellow with a carrot orange cape and an orange mask. He possesses pumpkin-like bombs around his waist and neck. His mask has a pumpkin printed on the front.


Jacko Lantern led a group of villains to the Super-Heroes Convention after being tricked by Meteor Destruction Man to start a fight with the superheroes at the convention. After the fight was stopped by Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose, the two hedgehogs warned the super heroes and super villains of the upcoming meteor approaching the Superzone. Jacko Lantern then wished that Meteor Destruction Man was there, as he usually comes up with meteor doomsday plots. Sonic and Amy then realized that Meteor Destruction Man was most likely the cause of the meteor arriving, thus, the two hedgehogs embarked to stop the super-villain.[1]

Powers and abilities

Jacko Lantern has the power to use pumpkin-like projectiles that explode upon impact.


  • Jacko Lantern is an obvious parody to both the Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern, both of which are Spider-Man villains.
  • Jacko Lantern was shown to possess pumpkin-like projectiles that could explode on impact, but this was only displayed on the cover of Sonic the Comic #167 but not in the actual issue.


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