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Jaws Michael from Sonic the Comic #126. Art by Mick McMahon.

Jaws Michael is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic piranha and resident of the underwater Zone of Trituna. He has a large mouth filled with teeth, and sometimes wears a bowler hat.


Jaws Michael was one of the warriors who gained the ability to breathe on dry land from a serum that was developed by Doctor Robotnik and given to Zone Leader Sharka Khan by Agent X. Sharka Khan sent these warriors to the Beanson Coast Zone to fight Sonic the Hedgehog. Jaws Michael worked with Stara, planning to finish Sonic off while Stara held him in her grip, but Sonic broke free and threw Stara into Jaws Michael, knocking them both out of the fight (and knocking off his bowler hat).[1]

Once Sonic had defeated the other members of Jaws Michael's team, the marine creatures discovered that Robotnik's serum was starting to wear off and they returned to the sea. When Sharka Khan said that they would find another way to invade the surface world, Jaws Michael was concerned that there would be trouble if Sonic found out, only for Sharka Khan to point out that Sonic couldn't swim - he was immediately proved wrong when Sonic arrived in a special diving suit designed by Tekno the Canary. Jaws Michael and the other fighters tried to fight Sonic again, but were quickly defeated. When they recovered, they tried to protect Sharka Khan from Sonic, only to find out that Sharka Khan was attempting to escape while his people took all the hassle. They then forced Sharka Khan out of Trituna and decided to rule Trituna themselves.[2]



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