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The Jawz (ジョーズ Jōzu?), renamed Jawzun (ジョーズン Jōzun?) in Japan, is a Badnik model that appears in Hydrocity Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It makes a returning appearance in both versions of Sonic Colors in Aquarium Park. It resembles a shark.

Attack pattern

Coloursds jawz

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Jawz are usually found in groups. They relentlessly swim in a straight line, but make no effort to attack the player. Nevertheless, they can be dangerous if the player only notices them at the last second. Jawz behaves the same way in Sonic Colors.


  • The name of this Badnik is an obvious parody of the shark movie, Jaws.
  • Jawz' method of attack is similar to Balkiry's, except it may come from both sides of the screen and blows up upon its deadly touch. In fact, if this Badnik does explode, then its animal will not be saved, similar to Grabber.
  • In Sonic Jam, they are called Jaws, which is the name of another badnik. This is considered a mistake.
  • In Sonic Labyrinth, there is a Badnik named Octoto which is similar to Jawz.
  • The character Johnny shares some similarities with this Badnik, as both of them have shark and missile qualities (with Jawz being a torpedo and Johnny being more of a rocket).




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